Universidad Abierta Interamericana - UAI

It is one of the best universities in the country, with high quality teaching and great infrastructure, and it is also very popular among Brazilians.

The UAI is a very attractive university, especially to foreigners, because it has a super structure. It has a University Hospital in Buenos Aires and another one in Rosario. In addition, it has its renowned Centers for Advanced Studies with excellent infrastructure and research equipment, offers a Central Library, computer labs, Medicine, Anatomy, Biochemistry, and much more. 

To enter the university, foreign students must take a Spanish test (a simple reading comprehension exam). After taking this Spanish test, the student will take a compulsory leveling course in Oral and Written Communication and, in the case of studying medicine, must also take Biology and Physical Chemistry. The average duration is one and a half months.

Enrollment usually begins in October, the leveling course takes place from December to March, and classes start in April.

Medical School Tuition

R$28.000 Argentine pesos (Approx. R$990.00 reais) Exchange rate from April/2021. To consult the values of other courses, talk to one of our advisors right now.

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