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3 advantages of studying in Argentina

Easier admission

Argentine universities guarantee access to higher education for everyone without the need for a selective and eliminatory entrance exam.

Monthly fee

You will have the opportunity to study at public and free universities that are recognized for their excellence in teaching without paying a cent a month.


The country of tango and Asado is one of the most visited places in Latin America. Argentine traditions surprise and delight visitors.

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I did a lot of research to find out which agency would be best for me and would give me the most confidence in the contract, and in the end, TFA was the one I chose.

Gabriella Steffy

Medicine, Universidad de Buenos Aires.

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Here you will find all the information you need to study in Argentina.

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It is necessary for you to send us all your high school documentation and an identification document for the issuance of the permanent visa and the National Identity Card – DNI.

Currently, the average cost of living in Argentina, including housing, food, and transportation is around US240 to US400 per month (exchange rate as of June 2021). For those who decide to study in private universities, tuition fees must be added to this cost. 

We recommend purchasing our services as early as possible to avoid inconveniences regarding deadlines, ideally between six and five months before the start of classes.

No, in order to enter, you must apply during the enrollment period and validate your documentation.  The universities only require the student to take an entrance course, in order to prepare future students at the appropriate level to start the desired degree. The duration varies according to each institution.

This will depend on the university you choose. There are institutions that use the TRADITIONAL method and the PBL method. However, the traditional method in Argentinian universities is more similar to the one in European universities. 


Not knowing Spanish has never hindered the beginning of academic studies in Argentina. But mastering the language during the course is fundamental for a good academic education. Don’t worry if you haven’t mastered the language yet! With this in mind, we include a Spanish course in our advisement packages, so that you can prepare your studies while still in your country. In addition, we also organize weekly integration activities with students from various parts of the world, a way to practice the language in a more fun way.


Some public universities require an intermediate level Spanish certificate at the time of enrollment. This is not a course completion certificate, but the result of a proficiency test that will measure your level of Spanish.

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