Studying Medicine for Medicine for free at the best university in Latin America, and one of the top 100 in the world, is possible!

We assist young people interested in beginning a career at any university in Argentina, with complete assurance and responsibility.

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Get in touch with us to get to know us and clarify any questions you have.


Start the process of legalizing the necessary documents to commence your studies.


We handle the enrolment in your chosen university and search for accommodation that fits your budget.


We’re ready! Now, we will accompany you from this beginning until your graduation day in Argentina.

TFA (Time for Argentina)

“If we can dream, we can also make our dreams come true.”
(Tom Fitzgerald).

With more than 16 years of experience, we take great pride in helping realize the dreams of thousands of students we’ve mentored, who come from all corners of Latin America and Europe.

With representatives in Brazil, Argentina, and Spain, it’s worth noting that TFA is accredited by the National Direction of Migration (DNM) and the Ministry of Education of Argentina.

So, if you’re contemplating beginning your academic career in Argentina, it’s time to choose a team that genuinely understands the subject!

Our Services

We’re more than an educational consultancy; we’re your family in Argentina.


We have extensive knowledge in managing the necessary documentation to commence your studies and begin your life in Argentina.


We work closely with all universities in Argentina to facilitate your admission into the career of your choice.


Puedes visitarnos cuando quieras en nuestra oficina ubicada en la ciudad de Buenos Aires, ya sea para tomar un café o paaYou’re always welcome to visit us at our office located in Buenos Aires, whether it’s for a coffee chat or to clear up any doubts.ra aclarar cualquier duda.


Somos especialistas en el abrazo de bienvenida tan pronto bajes del avión. Te llevamos de manera segura hastaaWe specialize in providing a warm welcome as soon as you land. We safely escort you to the doorstep of your new home. la puerta de tu nueva casa.


We have a dedicated support service available at all hours for you and your family for any emergencies in the country.


We know how crucial it is to live comfortably and securely. We guide you in the search for accommodation that suits your budget.


Studying in Argentina offers you the chance to study and work simultaneously if needed.


We provide exclusive health insurance for our advisees for any needs they may have in Argentina.


In collaboration with BAIS Argentina, we organize free weekly activities with students from all over the world, because student life isn’t just about studying!

Our Advisors

Ana Vitória Ribas Lozove

Medicine - University of Buenos Aires (UBA)

I’m in my third year of medicine at UBA. You can trust TFA 100%, as it was the family that welcomed me here in Argentina even before I arrived. The integration with BAIS Argentina has made all the difference compared to other consultancies.

Emanoel Araújo

Medicine - Barcelo Foundation

I have always been very at ease with the procedures because TFA took care of everything. Whenever I needed something concerning my documentation and didn’t know how to resolve it, they were there to assist. If you want to have this peace of mind, come and be part of TFA.

Dr. Pedro Mattos

Medicine - University of Buenos Aires (UBA)

Undoubtedly the best consultancy in Argentina. Without them, it wouldn’t have been possible to complete my entire medical degree. I am extremely happy and grateful to have been a part of TFA.

Garantizamos tu satisfacción o te devolvemos tu dinero

Sea cual sea el motivo, si desistes de la contratación dentro de los primeros 7 días, te devolvemos todo tu dinero.

Frequently Asked Questions (F.A.Q.)

In order for us to register you for a degree course in Argentina, you need to send us all the documentation related to your secondary studies and an identification document. We can then arrange for your permanent visa and National Identity Document – DNI.

Currently, the average cost of living in Argentina, including housing, food, and transportation, ranges between USD 250.00 and USD 450.00 per month (as of July 2023). However, if you choose to study at a private university, these monthly fees would be an additional cost.

We recommend procuring our consultancy services as soon as possible to avoid inconvenience with deadlines. Ideally, such services should be hired five to six months before the start of classes.

Some public universities require the presentation of an intermediate-level Spanish certificate at the time of enrolment. However, this is not a course completion certificate; it’s the result of a proficiency test that measures your level of Spanish.

No, to enter you only need to register during the stipulated registration period and validate your documentation. Universities merely require the student to take a level course aimed at preparing them to start the desired career, thus attaining the appropriate level. The duration of this initial course varies by institution.

This will depend on the chosen university. As in other Latin American countries, there are institutions that utilize both the TRADITIONAL method and the PBL method. However, the traditional method of Argentine universities is more akin to that of European universities, especially regarding the workload.

One of the main distinctions of TFA is that we collaborate with BAIS ARGENTINA (Buenos Aires International Students), one of the most recognized foreign student organizations in the world. Thanks to this partnership, our work extends beyond the bureaucratic aspects and university enrollment – we also offer comprehensive support to students in the country, catering to all their needs. Whenever requested, one of our directors will have direct contact with parents to be attentive to any immediate needs.

Our goal is to offer our advisees the opportunity to experience the country in a unique way, ensuring they feel safe and well-assisted during their stay, thus immersing themselves in a new experience and culture. We offer several free weekly activities for social and cultural integration, sports, parties, trips, philanthropic events, etc. – We do everything possible to make your stay more enjoyable, simple, and fun.


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